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      WELCOME TO DOMINION OPAL MINES OF VIRGIN VALLEY, NEVADA, USA.  Home of America's best precious opal deposits and the Nevada State Gemstone, the Black Fire Opal.

This website is undergoing changes, and will be updated and finalized by Feb. 15, 2016.

      All six (6) remaining lode mining claims within the Dominion Opal/WRT Stonetree claim group are NOT available for sale and are being privately held & worked.  My claims are not open to public collecting, digging, rockhounding or leasing.  Mineral trespass will be dealt with both criminally and civilly.  I have agents who monitor the claims.

      If you want to get your own claim in Virgin Valley, I recommend my son's company DOMINION GEMS who can stake a claim for you in Virgin Valley.  He also has two of his own very highgrade opal mines in Virgin Valley for sale HERE AT THIS LINK.  Keep in mind, gemstone mines like these are not cheap.

      To report mineral trespass, theft, or damage to my claim properties, or to contact me about other issues affecting or regarding the claims, please CONTACT ME at the following:

AL WENTZELL, sole owner
tel:  605-881-0626
email:  dominionopal@gmail.com

THANK YOU, and please check back in February 2016 for the new website changes!
WELCOME TO DOMINION OPAL MINES OF VIRGIN VALLEY, NEVADA, USA: HOME OF THE WORLD'S FINEST PRECIOUS BLACK, CRYSTAL, WHITE, FIRE, and OTHER OPAL TYPES.......  including the famous Virgin Valley Black Fire Opal which is the official precious gemstone of the State of Nevada.    I have Nevada Virgin Valley Opals for sale and I also use this website to provide quality information about the Virgin Valley Opal Mines of Nevada in general, and my personal opal claims in particular....    Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!