Virgin Valley, Nevada, Opals & Mining

Welcome to Dominion Opal Mines of Virgin Valley, Nevada:
Home of the world's finest precious Black, Crystal, White, Fire, and other Opal types.....
and the famous Virgin Valley Black Fire Opal, the state gemstone of Nevada.
I have Nevada Virgin Valley Opals for sale,
glass display domes for wet opals,
and provide information on the Virgin Valley Opal Mines.

12/21/2014: THIS WEBSITE IS BEING UPDATED AS AN INFORMATIONAL SITE and for my opal sales......
Please check back soon for the new pages and updated info!  Thanks for visiting.

The Dominion Opal Mines Group of Mining Claim holdings, comprising six (6) unpatented lode mining claims in Virgin Valley, are owned by me, Alvin W. Wentzell Jr., and are NOT open to public collecting, rockhounding or digging.  Mineral trespass will be dealt with both in the Courts (civil and criminal) and through other legal means.   Security measures are in place to protect the claims and valuable mineral deposits therein owned by me, and to document and identify the trespassers.  I am vigilant in protecting my mineral claims and rights.  The ONLY person/s with authorization to be digging on my claims are those listed on notices that work is currently being performed on the claims FILED with the Humboldt County Recorder in Winnemucca, Nevada.  Anyone else caught, recorded, or observed rockhounding, digging or removing minerals are Trespassers and thieves.  You can CONTACT ME with any questions or concerns, or to report any mineral trespass, theft, suspicious, or illegal activity on my mining claims.  Thank you.