Precious Black Opal, Crystal Opal, Fire Opal, & other opal types.  VIRGIN VALLEY, NEVADA, USA

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5/14/2014:  I am no longer selling claims... THIS WEBSITE IS BEING UPDATED as an informational site about the WRT DOMINION OPAL MINES with documentation of history, ongoing work, finds, and opals for sale.  If you are still interested in getting your own claim in Virgin Valley independent of me, CLICK HERE.  I currently have work being performed on my claims and my agent/s will be there all summer long.  I do not offer fee digging and the claims are not open to collecting....  They are being privately worked.   

Hello and welcome to Dominion Opal Mines!   ALL available opal claims which have been offered for sale have been sold.       

 Originally the block of claims for sale consisted of 10 unpatented lode mining claims, many of which have significant provenance and history.  Three claims have been sold and I have decided to keep the other 7 “core” claims of the group, and no other claims will be sold.

 This 10-claim lode mining claim group is located on what is one of the finest privately-held deposits of precious opal in Virgin Valley, and in my opinion are the best claims available for sale in recent times.   The claims do produce larger amounts of precious opal than most of the other private claims in the valley and one claim (which I am keeping) is comparable in opal quality and production to the private fee dig mines.    The mines which I have not sold are all active, valid claims and I continue to have the annual work done on them. Several of the claims in this group have produced opals which are “the envy of the world” and the others have the potential for doing so with some more work.   Black Opal has been found on 6 of the claims in the group, but only one claim (that I am keeping) has consistently produced a large amount of black opal. 

As I am getting older I have downsized  the number of claims that I do intend to keep.  I have come to the realization that I would never be able to mine them all, and thus, my decision to sell some of them.  I have spread the annual assessment work out over a number of claims in the group over time but that has become burdensome for 10 claims and I would like to be able to focus my annual work and mining on only a small handful of claims rather than all of them in the future.  The more attention you can give to one claim means the more work and opal you can find on it, rather than being spread out over many claims.    


 For a history of the mining claims, CLICK HERE.  For general info about Virgin Valley opal and a video about opal mining, CLICK HERE.  If you would like to contact me about the claims, or to report suspicious activity on the claims, my contact info is available by CLICKING HERE.  You can also click on the relevant page navigation tabs at the top of each page of the website.  Thanks for visiting!

UPDATED 5/14/2014:  I am no longer selling any other claims....   HOWEVER:
  There are STILL other alternatives to buying a claim...

If you are still interested in getting a good opal mining claim in Virgin Valley, you can contact my son (Chris) who can teach you how to stake your own claim (or for a fee, he can stake a good claim for you, while ground remains open).   There are only a few "hot spots" left in the Valley and my son knows most of them.  If you are interested in staking your own claim, or paying someone to do so, I would recommend my son's new exploration company (CONTACT LINK CLICK HERE) or you can contact him at his new company website "DOMINION EXPLORATION" CLICK LINK HERE) and any further details would have to be worked out with him/Dominion Exploration as he has not been affiliated with Dominion Opal Mines since 2011.  During the summer months Chris normally can normally help you locate your own opal mining claim for a fraction of the cost that you would pay to buy one from somebody.  They can also help you find potential opal on your own claim if you already have one.

If you are looking to purchase your own mining claim, make sure to do your homework and beware of claims which have been continuously relocated time and time again by the same parties, this normally means they have problems understanding and complying with the mining laws and if they continue to forfeit and relocate their claims, there could also be other defects in the chain of title and claim validity.  Also beware of anyone selling claims on consignment as there could be serious legal consequences.  Make sure the person selling the claim has the claim registered in his (or her) own name and is not using others as dummy claim holders to sell you one of those properties.  Make sure that if you are buying an opal claim that it is located properly, ie, lode claims are for in-place source opal deposits, while placer claims ONLY cover loose alluvial opal eroded out of the in-place lode source deposit.  A placer claim does NOT give you rights to the opal source lode deposit no matter what anyone tries to tell you...   For the info on the legality of lode vs placer claims in the Valley, CLICK HERE.